PSI Heating Systems for swine buildings and poultry barns is now L.B. White—a world renowned manufacturer of agricultural, greenhouse, construction, and tent heating systems ranging from 3,000 to 325,000 btu/h. L.B. White specializes in manufacturing complete lines of reliable, innovative heaters fueled by propane, natural gas, and kerosene:  

  • Forced air heaters
  • Radiant heat brooders
  • Portable heaters
  • Tube heaters and the Oval 80™

L.B. White Company purchased PSI in 1994 and has operated it separately from the L.B. White brand, which sells to the same markets as PSI. The decision to combine the business under the L.B. White brand enables us to consolidate resources, achieve efficiencies and eliminate redundancies. You will experience the same high level of quality, products and service from L.B. White as you received from PSI. 

Continued PSI Support

L.B. White is discontinuing production of PSI heaters and replacing PSI heaters with L.B. White model heaters. However, L.B. White will continue to offer technical support to PSI heater customers. A complete library of PSI owner’s manuals, parts lists, and warranty information will be available through L.B. White. Please contact us for more information.


Call:  800-345-7200 (toll-free)
          608-783-5691 (International)


About L.B. White Company

L.B. White is a leading global source of agricultural, construction, and tent heating solutions. The company manufactures complete propane and natural gas forced air heaters, radiant heat brooders, portable heaters, tube heaters and the Oval 80. 

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