GuardianĀ® 2.0 Forced Air Heaters

Guardian Forced Aire Heaters for swine facilities.

The direct-fired L.B. White Guardian® 2.0 is designed to protect pig producers' investments when the weather turns cold. Guardian® 2.0 pig building heaters provide consistent, dependable heat that helps control pig house climate.

Guardian® 2.0 heaters can be used in all swine production environments and phases including gestation, nursery, and wean-to-finish.

L.B. White is the pioneer in direct spark heaters. Years of perfecting every aspect of our design has led to our reputation for reliability, durability and serviceability.

Guardian forced air heaters in a swine wean to finish facility.

Key features

  • The industry's widest range of models from 60,000 to 325,000 Btu/h
  • Spark, hot surface or pilot light ignition types
  • Manually adjustable variable rate valve (50% to 100%) or fixed rate heat output
  • Advanced Service Saver (a built-in electronic diagnostic feature)
  • Tri-shield case available in white or galvanized finish
  • Indoor or outdoor installation

Guardian® forced air heaters integrate with all environment control systems, including:

  • AP Systems (Automated Production Systems)®
  • Big Dutchman - Viper®
  • Dicam®
  • Fancom®
  • Hotraco®
  • Maximus
  • Rotem®
  • Val-Co®
  • and more

Advanced Service Saver™ diagnostics

Guardian® 2.0 pig heaters also include a unique, built-in Advanced Service Saver™ diagnostic feature that simplifies troubleshooting and helps keep your heater running when you need it the most. The ignition control module in Guardian® 2.0 heaters is self-diagnostic. If a problem exists, a red LED light on the module will flash a specific pattern depending upon the problem that is diagnosed. If the light flashes, the flash pattern will be followed by a pause and then a repeat of the flash pattern until the problem is corrected. Flash patterns are provided in the heater service guide.

Guardian forced air heaters in a pig farrowing room.

Certifications of Guardian® 2.0 pig barn heaters

L.B. White Guardian® 2.0 heaters that help pork producers control pig house climates are available in CSA U.S. and Canada certified models, as well as other international configurations and certifications.

Determine size and quantity of heaters for ventilated pig production buildings

Call our technical experts to help you select the correct size and quantity of Guardian® 2.0 heaters for your swine enterprise. For Technical Support, call 608-779-6101.

For information on the Guardian® 2.0 with Smart Sense®, the Automatic Variable Rate Heater, click here!

Three Year Warranty on Guardians in new swine houses.

Unprecedented 3-Year Warranty

L.B. White is now offering a three year warranty on HSI and Spark Ignition Guardian® Forced Air Heaters placed in new swine houses. In order to take advantage of this great offer, please register your heater on our product registration page.

Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm. See


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