I-Series Radiant Heat Brooder

I-Series Radiant Heat Brooders for hog buildings

Improve animal welfare, production, and profitability in pig complexes with our unique high pressure radiant brooder heaters. This radiant heat pig brooder leads the industry in heat efficiency, range of heat outputs, flexible installation and proven reliability.

L.B. White designed our brooders to save money on energy costs – up to 40% fuel cost savings depending on the facility condition and existing pig heating system.

Our high pressure radiant heat brooders provide a more consistent heat pattern than other brooders for pig production. As a result, pigs remain warm so they eat more and grow at a faster rate. Pork producers around the world rely on the L.B. White radiant heat brooder for farrowing, nursery and wean to finish phases of pig production.

I-Series high pressure radiant heat brooders in a pig building.

Key features of L.B. White I-Series High Pressure Radiant Heat Brooders

  • Wide range of models from 2,800 to 17,100 Btu/h
  • Zone or individual control
  • Manual or spark ignition
  • Fully assembled and ready to install
  • 100% Test fired
  • Components highly resistant to corrosion

Key benefits of L.B. White pig brooders

  • Lasts longer than competitors' brooders
  • Easy to light and maintain continuous operation
  • Burns clean across the entire operating range
  • Heats more efficiently and provides better pig coverage than other brooders

Our high pressure radiant heat brooders integrate with environment control systems, including:

  • AP Systems (Automated Production Systems)®
  • Big Dutchman - Viper®
  • Dicam®
  • Fancom®
  • Hotraco®
  • Maximus
  • Rotem®
  • Val-Co®
  • and more

Pig brooder installation

View this brooder heater installation diagram or download the owner's manual to see complete installation instructions for your high pressure radiant heat brooder heater.

I-Series brooders in a swine building.

Determine size and quantity of brooder heaters for ventilated pig production buildings

Call our technical experts to help you select the correct size and quantity of L.B. White radiant heat brooders for your swine enterprise. For Technical Support, call 608-779-6101.

For information on the Smart Sense® automatically managed High Pressure Radiant Brooder Heater, click here!

Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm. See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


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