L.B. White LINK™

L.B. White LINK is a turnkey stack of technologies that puts actionable heater insights at your fingertips. In the construction industry these type of technology stacks are commonly known as a telematics. LINK uses elements of:

  • Engineering to capture heater signals
  • Computer science to digitize heater signals into meaningful and accessible data
  • Communications to reliably transfer heater data wirelessly

Benefit from a smarter heat fleet

  • Meet increasing demand for connected jobsites and data-driven decision making
    • Equipment users are leveraging technology & data to be more productive, safe, and cost effective in their operations
    • Specialized labor is increasingly more difficult to get so any technology that will make better use of existing resources is increasingly important
    • The global COVID-19 pandemic forced many construction players to use technology which a dynamic that will likely only accelerate
  • Improve time utilization
    • Address critical failures faster with alerts and location information
    • Schedule preventative maintenance based on actual runtime to avoid surprises and costly failures while on rent
  • Increase dollar utilization
    • Reduce costly, unnecessary field calls
    • Reduce costs of expediting service parts with proactive preventative maintenance
    • Realize full rental rate more often by:
      • Avoiding rate discounts or free days for unplanned disruptions and downtime
      • Back rental rates with actual runtime info
      • Charge a premium for end-user text alert service

Getting connected

All indirect-fired Foreman® models and enclosed-flamed Premier® 350 DF 2.0 are compatible with L.B. White LINK. All LINK kits include:

  • A module with custom programming
  • 24/7 access to the L.B. White Onei3 web-based dashboard
  • 1-yr wireless data transfer subscription
  • Training and tech support resources

LINK Ready heaters can connect to a LINK module in five minutes or less. LINK Capable heaters do not have the all the wiring necessary to make a streamlined connection to the LINK module. The LINK Capable kits including the heater wiring and harness materials and require 20-30 minutes of install.
Foreman® LINK Ready Install
Foreman® LINK Capable Install
Premier® 350 LINK Ready Install
Premier® 350 LINK Capable Install
Commander LINK Ready Install

Your view

The L.B. White Onei3 dashboard allows you to:

  • View heater data including GPS location, runtime (hours), heater operation status (on/off), call for heat status (active/not active), fuel flow status (open/closed), and telematic voltage (volts)
  • Tailor critical alert recipients
  • Setup maintenance alerts.

The platform can be accessed by any internet-connected device including desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. One person in your company will be assigned as the administrator that can grant other company users access as needed.


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