Foreman® Indirect-fired Portable Heater

The Ductable Foreman 230 DF heating a residental work site.

The Foreman® portable heater series is vented and ideal for providing dry, clean heat into insulated spaces, work areas, docks. Use anywhere 100% clean air is needed. The ductable Foreman® heater series from L.B. White features a fully welded heat exchanger, quiet operation, and reliable, high CFM. L.B. White has designed every aspect of these portable construction heaters to withstand harsh working environments. We stand behind the reliability, durability and serviceability of our products in the field with an industry-leading two-year warranty.

Call our technical experts to help you select the correct size and quantity of portable heaters for your job site.

Technical Support – 608-779-6160

Foreman Oil heater heating a new construction.

Key features of the commercial grade Foreman® Portable Gas Heater series for industrial and construction sites

  • NEW 230,000 (DF & Oil), 500,000 (DF & Oil), and 750,000 (DF & Oil) Btu/h models
  • Dual Fuel (LPG/NG) and Diesel models available
  • Quiet burn with reliable, high CFM
  • Balanced handle & wheels for one person portability
  • Easy to transport with top lifting balefork lift pockets
  • Designed for efficient storage options
  • Ductable up to 100 feet
  • Aids fuel efficiency with air recirculation option, vent mode (fan only), and remote thermostatic control option
  • Robust materials with fully welded heat exchanger and powder coated protective frame

Foreman Indirect-Fired Heater at a residential construction site.

Accessories (sold separately):

  • Thermostat, Nema 4X w/ 25 ft. cord, 30125
  • Duct, 12” x 25’, Gray, Fire-retardant, w/ Clamp, 30052
  • Duct, 20” x 25’, Gray, Recirculating, w/ Clamp, 30053
  • Duct, 16” x 25’, Gray, Fire-retardant, w/ Clamp, 30076
  • Rain Cap, Foreman 230s/500s/750 DF, 30162
  • Rain Cap, Foreman 750 Oil, 30162A
  • Exhaust Pipe Extension, Steel, Foreman 230s/500s/750 DF, 6”dia., 30161
  • Exhaust Pipe Extension, Steel, Foreman 750 Oil, 8”dia., 30161A
  • Gas Hose, 3/4” x 15’, Foreman 230/500, 25965
  • Gas Hose, 1” x 15’, Foreman 750, 132047
  • Regulator, all Foreman DF, 25141*
  • Heater Stacking Kit, Foreman 500/750, 30903
  • Duct Adapter Kit, 16”, 30902

* When running on NG requires 1” hose diameter and inlet pressure of at least 10 P.S.I.
When inlet pressure is 2 to 10 P.S.I. use regulator, 132136.

If you need help with proper heater sizing, please call our technical experts to help you select the correct size and quantity of heaters.

Technical Support – 608-779-6160

Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm. See



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