Oval Radiant Tube Heaters

L.B. White 80,000 Btu Tube Heater for Maximum Efficiency in Poultry Buildings

Oval Radiant Tube Heaters – more than a standard tube heater
U.S. Patent No. 9,303,880

The L.B. White Oval 80® v.2, Oval 90™ v.2, & Oval 80® HP Radiant Heater puts more heat where you need it, on the floor. With its unique design using a 3-inch round tube, transitioning to a 4-inch oval tube, you get a wide and long heat pattern. And the ceiling stays cool, so there’s no need to add an insulated board above the heater to protect the tri-ply. The reflector is uniquely designed for 80K BTU/h, so you get better, more consistent heat coverage throughout the building. You’ll be impressed with the small heat variation between heater on/off cycles, and pre-heat time is cut significantly. With interlocking tubes and self-leveling hangers included as part of a complete installation kit, the Oval Radiant Heaters are extremely easy to install and even easier to maintain. The Oval Family of radiant heater’s ability to use fresh air from a side wall or attic helps it run cleaner and require less maintenance. These heaters run consistently regardless of house ventilation and fans.

L.B. White has perfected every aspect of our Oval 80® v.2 & Oval 80® HP Radiant Heaters which are designed to withstand the harsh environments of poultry facilities. This has led to our reputation for reliability, durability and serviceability in the field. And, with the addition of our NEW Oval 90™ v.2 Radiant Tube Heater, you now have more BTU/h options.

When the fate of your flock is at stake…you want the leader in Poultry heating protecting your investment…L.B White.

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Oval 80 tube heater in a poultry facility.

Key features of the Oval Radiant Heaters for poultry houses:

  • Unique 3-inch round transitioning to 4-inch oval tube
  • Best heat pattern in the category
  • Cool ceiling temperature
  • Natural gas or liquid propane gas models
  • Dependable spark ignition
  • 100% test fired at our plant
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Low Pressure (Oval 80® v.2) and High Pressure (Oval 80® HP) models available
  • Available in 80,000 BTU/h (Oval 80® v.2 & Oval 80® HP) and 90,000 (Oval 90™ v.2) BTU/h models

Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm. See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


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