Emergency Preparedness Products

Emergency preparedness and disaster response heaters, temporary heaters, tent heaters

Be prepared when the unexpected happens with temporary heating and cooling equipment. In an emergency or disaster situation, provide comfort with tent heating or tent cooling. Use temporary heat to mitigate loss and aid remediation of homes and critical infrastructure.

We have what you need to help address an unexpected situation. We manufacture in the U.S. year-round and have been industry-leading temporary and portable heating experts for over 70 years. The Premier® direct fired heater and the Foreman® vented heater are ductable to distribute heat right where it’s needed most. Both can run from natural gas or propane and require a power source. Designed and approved to be placed inside or outside your tent or temporary space.

When using gas is not convenient, or a self-contained fuel source is desired, Tradesman® K kerosene portable heaters provide efficient, directional heat. A dependable dual-prong electronic spark ignition, heavy duty enclosed motor, and brass fuel fittings are just a few of the features that provide reliable operation.

When environmental heat is the challenge, cool down spaces and people efficiently with our portable evaporative cooler. Using only water and a standard power supply you can provide 950 square feet of cooling airflow with our PC-31 portable evaporative cooler.

When disaster strikes or there’s an emergency, rely on us for medical testing tent heaters, tent cooling, temporary shelter heaters, temporary shelter cooling, remediation heaters, temporary HVAC equipment, and more.

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